About Us


Reverse Clothing Store  was founded in 2011 in Perugia, Umbria, the heart of Italy.  
Located in Corso Cavour 86, one of the most charactheristic areas of the historical center, the shop entered the city context with originality and refinement in dressing.
The style of English subcultures that the owner Michael and his brother Alan have been passionate about since adolescence, finally became available in the local scenario with fashion garments mostly imported from United Kingdom.
Lyle & Scott, Farah Vintage, One true Saxon, Fred Perry Laurel Wreath Collection and many other British brands arrived in the city for the first time all in one shop.
The taste for an essential, clean and retro style but always looking ahead, made Reverse a point of reference and meeting place for both friends and customers.
In 2015, Reverse re-proposed a selection of the city brand Ellesse which again became available in its originating hometown after many years of absence.
At the same time, Reverse brought back in the city Barbour, timeless English garments.
In 2018, finally, the online landing with the first e-commerce site.



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